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Our business was established in April 2002 as a privately owned company. From the beginning we have concentrated on three activities, these being: design engineering and technical expertise (chemical industry, petro-chemical, energy sector); information technology and the consumer electronics trade; and, information technology related services. Our company has been working in its current form since 2004. Our team has a number of advanced qualifications in technical and economic disciplines at their disposal.
Technical design is our driving force. We have worked together with such partners as MOL Plc.; BorsodChem Plc.; Budapest Power Plant Co., Ltd. and ISD Dunaferr Ltd. You can read the references about us on our website. The technical planning and specialist business branches have been subject to the appropriate EN ISO 9001 certified quality system standard since 2005, which is audited every year. Our commitment to nature and environmental protection can be read in the company's quality policy.
Within the commercial area we sell consumer electronics, computing and digital camera products. We sell unique customized products to meet individual needs. We provide the computers with guaranteed legal software. Our philosophy is to strive to offer you the products you desire, along with the highest level of service, at competitive prices.
Our slogan is: Where the bit starts working...
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