Quality Policy
Bitcontrol Ltd.'s activities are focused on satisfying customers' needs to the very highest level, which is based on quality driven expertise and information technology developments.
Our objectives' central focus is placed on the following:
  • the development and adoption of services as demanded by the current market;
  • quality is one of the possible - but not the exclusive - source of continuous technical and technological developments. So we strive to achieve our own standards of quality:
    • we regard it as given, both individually and in groups (in those factors within one's personal spheres of control), that one should eliminate workflow errors and mistakes;
  • we strive to regulate those of our processes which eliminate errors.
  • we strive to continuously improve and develop an effective customer relations management system to a level of detail in which its activities are accurate, up-to-date, traceable and documented, thus ensuring quality working conditions.
To preserve our good name and reputation, for our effective operation, we consider it necessary that:
  • there is a quality management system to enforce the principle of continuous improvement;
  • there are cost reductions in all areas;
  • qualified suppliers, subcontractors, products, services are used;
  • we strive for perfection in the documentation prepared by ourselves or by a subcontractor;
  • there is continuous professional development for staff, with moral and material recognition of outstanding quality work.
Our goal was the achievement of the appropriate valid EN ISO 9001:2008 quality control system.
Budapest, 01st August 2012 dr. Dalma VALKOVICS
Managing Director