Work we carried out in 2003
BorsodChem Plc. Engineering technology planning for gasometer remote cabling
Our exercise came within the framework of the BorsodChem PVC-9 Project for creating technological engineering for new lines of gas-o-meters\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' transmission lines. The design was carried out on behalf of Petrol T&S Ltd. 

Three transmission lines were designed, a No. DN600 for vinyl chloride, a No. DN350 vinyl chloride and nitrogen-gas mixture and a No. DN32 pipeline (though for the condensate water). The design required continuous coordination with the co-planners, which was also around the time in connection with the planned steel structure. The main challenge of the task was that it lay across a varied terrain with a continuously decline slope of roughly 650 m that was not de-limited in any way.
We solved the task with "traditional" tools, with 2D design processing, with plan view and profile drawings. The changes in the levels were shown with isometric. 

The planning took place in the November of 2003, with the construction being successfully completed in 2004. 

BE Plc. Kispest Power Plant supplementary technology engineering plan
In order to ensure the growing demand for energy and in order to meet environmental requirements of the EU Budapest Power Plant Ltd. have implement on-going improvements to their power plants. One step in the reconstruction of Kispest Power plant was that in which a new boiler - together with the associated turbine system - was installed. 

The investment\'s general planners were Finnish Emprima Ltd. Our company is a subcontractor to T & S Petrol Ltd. and Pörner Plc. with whom we undertook collaboration with localization of the original Finnish plans, as well as preparation of the plans for the pressure testing and pipeline\'s pipe carrier plan. 

During the course of the work our company completed the following design tasks: 
  • Inspecting the strength of the ducting of new boiler and turbine\'s technologic wiring. 
  • Linking of the new hot water system\' pipes to those of the pre-existing hot water system. 
  • Preparation of the plan for the technology. 
  • Development plans for types of pipe carriers 
  • Bespoke pipe carrier structure plans. 
  • Pressure testing plan 

During the planning process, the following technical tasks were undertaken: 
  • Supplementary materials of the original PDS printed isometrics. That is, revision of materials technology. 
  • To carry them out the tasks as required it was necessary to obtain professional information (about insulation, painting, pipeline assessment), turning this into tabular form mapping on to the isometrics. 
  • Entering the lead flow of the pipe carrier types onto the isometrics. 
  • Preparation of the supplementary pipe carrier plan using 2D digital design. 
  • It is worth paying particular attention to the fact that in the course of the construction - the construction being financed by Montivo Ltd. - on numerous occasions supporting statements and lists were produced. Each of the originals, that is the supplemented by digital data files we had created, had strengthen and exploited the employed software\'s potential. Our partners can rely on the assured information technology knowledge of Bitcontrol Ltd.  

The project was finished in 2003, the construction being completed successfully.