Work we carried out in 2004
BKV Ltd. Antifreeze filling system
Our company attaches great importance to fulfilling the activities of the environmental considerations. As an example of environmentally conscious design is the work by T & S Petrol Ltd. prepared on behalf of the BKV Rt. 

The technological task concerned the design of a summer and winter coolant supply system, which would meet the different needs to the seasons. The kinds of technical problems that had to be prepared for with the system was, for example, what if the quantity of deionized water was not enough for the water softener. The appropriate amount of buffer tanks were used for the mixing. We solved the pressure towards the filling guns and guarding against the generator unit\\\'s excessive pressure. The building is suitable for specific measurement by volume. 

We design as outlined above the detailed coolant-filler system for the four premises of BKV Ltd. (at Cinkota, Dél-Pest, Kelenföld and Óbuda).
The proposed system designed for Bitcontrol Ltd ensures that the employees will not be able to come into contact with the poisonous glycol by accident. 

The project was finished in 2004, the construction being completed successfully.