Work we carried out in 2005
MOL Plc. DANUBE REFINERY AV1 and AV2 plant - pump installation
Our task was the design of pump installation and the technological pipelines. The design was carried out on behalf of Petrol T&S Ltd. Within the AV-2 plant the No. 303-III reduced oil pump was replaced, including the No. 303-III heavy residue pump. In the AV-1 plant a new No. 333A hose slop pump.

In the case of the No. 303-III and 311-III pumps the existing base was modified, No. 333A was a completely new installation considering the feasibility of the second phase. The linking of the pumps into the system happened in two phases; in the first phase of construction the pipelines were built until the shut-off assembly lines, in the second phase the installation of pumps and linking of the pipelines were completed. 

We have solved the task with "traditional" tools, with 2D design processing, with plan view. The changes in levels were shown with isometric drawings.
The planning was carried out in March 2005, with construction successfully completed in 2005.
MOL Plc. DANUBE REFINERY Fitting planning for the Delayed Coking Plant and desalination amine unit
The design was carried out at the MOL Plc. DUFI Delayed Coking Plant. It became necessary to install an amine desalination sledge unit, for which external connectors had to be designed. We completed the design on behalf of Pörner Ltd.

In the area between the TK301 water dip tank for fires and the pipe rack was Installed the U-200 amine desalination unit Our job is to design the packaging of the arriving external connectors into one unit, this was the delayed-action coking plant\\\'s linking system. These external connectors were put back: basic material, instrument ventilation, cooling water, solvent return, process water, nitrogen, salt water. The two fittings were implemented within a single unit.

We solved the task with 3D software tools, with which we generated isometrics, plan view and technical flowchart diagrams.

The planning was carried out in the spring of 2005, the construction being completed successfully.