Work we carried out in 2007
P + M Polymer Chemical Ltd. – Chemical production plant II ventilation and heating plan – preparation of conception design
The building construction conceptual plan was completed in the P + M Polymer Chemical Ltd. Chemistry II plant, from their commissioned P + M Polymer Chemical Ltd. 

Our responsibilities included, drawing up the conceptual plans to develop the reactors\\\' and storage units\\\' local, general, and emergency ventilation; the fabrication of moderated air induction; and further, the replacement of the steam heating with hot water heating. For the plan we drew up the plant\\\'s fire and explosive hazard classification.

We summarized what was achievable in connection with the ventilation and heating equipment. What kind of fire,¬ work security, environmental protection, etc. specifications should be completed and, in connection with these, the recommended ventilation and heating equipment, as well as calculating their size how to install. 

We solved the task with "traditional" tools, with 2D design processing, with trace line diagrams and fire pipeline plans. 

The planning was carried out at the beginning of 2007, the construction being successfully completed.
DWA COLD ROLLING MILLS Ltd. Necessary improvements in the cold compressor strategic development of the compressed air network and trunk-injection systems design
The engineering draft planning was carried out at the DWA Cold rolling mill plant, according to those commissioned by IGN Montivo Ltd. 

Among our tasks included planning the installation calibrated compressed air backbone network of the new rolling mill technology in the plant\\\'s production halls. We undertook to guarantee the backbone network\\\'s resilience technology to be a minimum of 6 barg.

We solved the task with "traditional" tools, with 2D design processing, with plan view and technical flowchart diagrams. The changes in levels were shown with isometric drawings. During construction the foremen supported the successful implementation of the tasks.

The planning was carried out in the summer of 2007, with construction successfully completed in 2008.