Work we carried out in 2009
Development of the Closed CLAUS technology in the grounds of ISD COKING Ltd.
The planning exercises were carried out at the ISD Coking Ltd´s Chemicals plant. The ISD Coking Ltd´s Still CLAUS technology had to be converted on the basis of the GmbH DMT´s basic plan under a closed system. Amongst our responsibilities included the preparation of plans for the instrumented pipe coupling, dephlegmator selection, piping connections, along with necessary amendments steel design. The design was carried out on the authority of IGN Montivo Ltd.

Amongst our tasks included:
  • selection/design of the dephlegmator and tubular downpipe;
  • design of the dephlegmator´s wiring connections;
  • construction of a DN400-sized sulphur containing gas pipeline;
  • design of the demolition of the reactor marked CO-501 with the construction of the secondary air supply using appropriate new technologies;
  • fitting of the heavy water system;
  • preparation of the heating plan;
  • modification of the steel structure;
  • design of the future planned second Claus plant´s access points;
  • instrumentation and control data services preparation on behalf of the technical control project;
  • preparation of the instrumented pipe coupling plans.

The task was carried out with "traditional" tools, with 2D design processing, with instrumented pipeline connection plans, pipeline plans, isometrics and known cost breakdown. 

The planning was carried out in the second half of 2009. The construction was successfully completed at the end of 2010.

MOL Plc. DANUBE REFINERY - DCL5 HP steam pipe modification
The design task was carried out in the MOL Plc. Danube Refinery. At the Claus-5 plant, the pipe section numbered 150-HPSS-0901-A0-HC was converted to a HP high-pressure steam pipe. Before connecting the E-202 technology class heat exchanger to the vertical section, the sump had to be fitted with drainage. 

The planning was carried out on behalf of PV-Plan Ltd. 

The task was carried out with "traditional" tools, with 2D design processing, with solutions provided through technological flow sheets and pipeline plans. 

The planning was carried out at the beginning of 2009, the construction being completed successfully.