Bitcontrol Ltd. are entrepreneurs in chemical, petrochemical and food processing; as well as, exporters of power plant facilities; and additionally, in the preparation of research and feasibility studies.
By ourselves and through qualified suppliers we have a powerful capacity to dare to undertake the design of complex tasks in: business planning; application design; control engineering; power train, construction, architecture, technological; safety-, fire- and environmental protection planning and other areas of expertise.
We have the following Chamber of Engineering planning, expert qualifications at our disposal:
  • Pressure equipment systems expert – G-D-33,
  • Establishments of oil- and gas industries planning – G-D-33,
  • Hydrocarbon transportation pipelines, gas distribution pipelines, construction and installation of propane-butane recharging points and accessories, unlimited responsible technical leadership - MV-GO/A
  • Energy-sector, chemical industry, hydrocarbon industry's equipment construction, responsible technical leadership - MV-EN/A
  • Energy-sector, chemical industry, hydrocarbon industry's equipment tailored technical constructions implementation, technical supervision - SME-EN.
Our company is committed to computer-aided plant design, from traditional 2D to the latest 3D methods as requested.
In our experience accurate, verified, validated designs reduce future investment costs. The contractors' and the suppliers' work is assisted in various ways by the generated databases. All of this requires that all the project data is kept up-to-date and shared as recorded in the design planning software. It is not enough, however, to generate spectacular 3D models. We believe that in future the focus will shift to the construction of the database.
Our company's workforce has accumulated a great deal of experience in "3D plant designer" software.
Our principal task to attend to is to meet customer requirements as defined in the prepared documentation. Our clients request that we offer our assistance for various IT related problems that may occur during the design and construction phases.
Our company is mindful of the fact that, in order to achieve our desired business success in the domain of engineering and technical expertise, full satisfaction of customer requirements is a prerequisite to ensure sustainable development in the area of quality. In the interests of this the appropriate EN ISO 9001:2008 standard quality management system is used.
The confidence of our customers is reinforced by the QBE led planning liability insurance we offer can provide.
Our partners can count on our knowledge, our reliability and our flexibility.
We wish to all our future customers a successful project!